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Use the magic of GIVEE App

to fulfill your dreams!



With unique application GIVEE, each tourist solves two main problems:

GIVEE App connects a tourist with his real Givee (a tour guide, concierge or other trustable local person) and gives him feeling of security and protection while staying in a new country. 

GIVEE App is an ultimate personal adviser in tourist consuming and replaces a real Givee when he can't accompany a tourist. Analyzing tourist's personal profile and much objective information, GIVEE App navigates him to the most relevant businesses and attractions in the area. 

Join GIVEE App- get unique experience!


GIVEE App for Givees

GIVEE App helps a Givee to navigate his tourists to highly relevant businesses without accompanying them personally and be benefited from this.

It also gives a Givee a unique opportunity to attract businesses into the application and earn money not only from his tourists but from ALL TOURISTS coming to the businesses. Exactly as royalty!

On top of this, the satisfied clients in one click share their Givee’s profile to hundreds or thousands of potential clients.


Join GIVEE App- make more money!

For Android only!


GIVEE App for businesses

GIVEE App is analyzing personal profiles of thousands of tourists and navigate to your business exactly those who want to buy your production or get your services.

Being part of GIVEE App you monitor and manage the traffic of the tourists and maximize your profit. No setup and/or subscription fee!

All that you pay is acceptable on you commission from real deals!


Join GIVEE App- make more money!


Yankale Mitrani

A Tour Guide

Who could believe that this is so easy and useful? All that a tourist wants to know he founds in GIVEE in seconds!

Niso Azgari,

Ahava Cosmetics Ltd.

It is amazing application which brings to businesses the tourists who want to buy exactly what the businesses sell!!

Ori Shtern,

A Tour guide

The idea of GIVEE App is just brilliant- to improve tour guides’ services and bring them more money!


Contact Details:


24 Hebron Rd. Jerusalem​

Tel. +972-52-2405921

United Kingdom:

349 Regents Park Rd., London

Tel. +44 (0)7778 552031

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