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Use the magic of JINI

to fulfill your dreams!

How JINI works

The concept of the JINI application is based on the phenomenon well known to every tour guide and this is the basic need of every tourist abroad- to find a reliable information source. In order to get the information, tourists turn to local people who look reliable. In many cases, the person is a tour guide.


The JINI application meets the need and allows easy set up of connection between a tourist and his guide in a number of ways: by phone, by sms, by whatsapp, by email. But this is not all that JINI can do!

Tourists earn with JINI!

The JINI App includes recommendations of many tour guides for businesses with high added value for tourists. The application's ability to examine the personal profile of a tourist allows it quickly and easily to "navigate" the tourist to the most interesting for him businesses. All these businesses agree in advance to give a nice discount to all tourists using the JINI App.

Businesses earn with JINI!

Businesses that join JINI App immediately and free of charge are exposed to a huge crowd of tour guides and earn high-quality "hot" customers- tourists who are looking exactly for the service or products that the business provides/sells.

Tour guides earn with JINI much more!

The way the application is downloaded enables single-valued relation between a guide and all its tourists in JINI system. This gives tour guides the unique possibility to provide their tourists with more services and to be highly benefited from this while significant saving for them.

Need more details? Ask us about this. 

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